About Us


Our company was established since 2004 under the name SMART HARDWARE COMPUTING engaged in the sale of Desktop and Laptop Computers and also computer parts, But in the year 2016 Our company switched to sell computer hardware miner Currency Crypto and at that time our company changed its name to BITCOIN HARDWARE .

A year our company changed its name to BITCOIN, the progress of our company is getting better, even our customers more than ever. A 42% increase in sales leads us to believe that our company could become a seller of the Crypto Currency miner's machine.

BITCOIN HARDWARE has developed and improved services, ease of ordering, memebeli product products we sell. Our Customer Service always provides an overview of the products to be purchased, so that customers always get the best solution for purchased goods.

For our company has 2 important points in the company, the first is the best service, the second increase sales and work ethic. These two points make our company survive today.